Special cats with special needs – Carly and Henry

We have some very special Persians and people who find each other through the Rescue and wanted to share Carly and Henry’s story. Carly is a beautiful tortie exotic  girl who was cruelly shot by someone with an air rifle. She lost her eye, but not her zest for life and love for her new owner.  Once Carly recovered from  the initial pain and shock and adjusted to life with partial sight she became an adorable and loving companion . Little Henry had broken his leg as a tiny kitten and unfortunately it had set wrong and he had to have it amputated. Carly’s owner was so touched by Henry’s story that she immediately offered to give him a forever home with Carly.  

We hope this lovely happy ending encourages potential adopters to seriously consider a disabled cat. They deserve and give love despite their challenges and mum Jill cannot wait for her next special needs baby to join the gang.

Now fit and well and all grown up, just look at these two beautiful friends now!!