Persians are gorgeous, but their long coats and flat faces mean more work than with a non Persian. Without proper coat care your cat will become matted and uncomfortable so with a Persian grooming is essential.

Daily Care

Gently wipe your cats eyes every day with moist cotton wool and warm water. Use a soft brush and comb to remove any excess hair and small knots.

Regular Care

Most Persians need professional grooming at least twice per year to ensure there are no big matts in their coat. In between grooming by a qualified cat groomer you will  need to make sure your cat is kept flea and worm free by administering a treatment as recommended by your vet. Not grooming your Persian is NOT an option – if you’re not sure you can make the commitment why not choose a British shorthair or Persian exotic instead?

Vet Health Checks 

Every year your cat should have a regular health check by your vet. In-between times  if you think your cat is out of sorts for more than a couple of days it’s always wise to make an appointment. As your cat gets older your vet can advise on keeping your cat healthy at every stage of life.

If your Persian is lost

One of the most upsetting things a pet owner faces. For the first couple of days your cat will stay close to home, but he will be scared and so go to ground.Put up posters , post on social media and let your near neighbours know to keep a look out in sheds and outbuildings. Let your vet know and others in the area, plus local rescues and your microchip provider.Cats are nocturnal so dawn and dusk are key times your cat will come out of hiding. Don`t give up! There are specialist search and find organisation’s like Pet Patrollers and Pet Detectives who can also help.