Good night Toto – sleeping at the Bridge

Toto went to his final  sleep and his owner Sarah wrote this moving tribute. Our thoughts are with you Sarah. x


I adopted Toto from you around 8 years ago (he was Gizmo when he was rescued) and we had the most wonderful life together. I feel like we rescued each other in many ways. He was the friend I came home to and the best antidote for a bad day!

Sadly Toto’s kidneys failed him and we said goodbye last week. I was so grateful to be able to give him one last kindness of a peaceful passing; he really did just go to sleep.

I’m still very sad and miss him every moment, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing us together. Despite his grumpiness, I’m pretty sure he loved me as much as I loved him!

Keep doing what you’re doing