Game of Homes!! A wonderful happy ending for Amber and Daisy,

We never change a cats name  – we think its best the new owners do that,  so it was lovely to hear that two little girls not only found a fantastic home they had a name change too, that suited their personalities  – here is what their new Mum told us 

Hello Barbara

You knew my 2 cats as Khaleesi and Sansa – I changed their names as they were too difficult and I wasn’t very keen on names from Game of Thrones!!

A little update – both are doing really well and enjoying the outdoor life a lot despite my farmer neighbours thinking them the most unlikely  cats for the country!  Amber (the tri-colour) is still quite timid but loves exploring the garden and Daisy is a more independent but nonetheless loves having a brush.  Many thanks for getting us together with Amber and Daisy.