Crystal reunited with Furla at the rainbow bridge – 2 naughtie torties at heavens gate

We were so sad to hear that Crystal had passed away. She came to us with three of her siblings as a tiny kitten in dreadful circumstances. Sister Furla left for the bridge in 2015 and we like to think of them reunited and playing together.

Furla and Crystal went to homes quite close to each other and their owners always kept in touch. Both girls were shy and a little suspicious to start with due to the sad start in life they had before London Persian Rescue stepped in.

Both were also very naughty (like all torties they had massive ‘catititude’) and both went missing for over a week but were found unfazed and safe and sound after their respective owners were beside themselves with worry for over a week.

Here’s Crystal the queen of the sofa¬† – sleep tight little one your family miss you.