Charlie uses up most of his 9 lives before age of one

Charlie came to us seriously ill. He had a raging infection and could barely breath.

As a tiny charity reliant totally on rehoming fees, grant funding and our small but passionate group of volunteers cases like  Charlie are the ones we dread most.

We knew that without emergency treatment from our vet  Rachel , Charlie would die. We also knew that his ongoing treatment would be extensive and expensive – our limited funds would be virtually wiped out. We thought about our mission to save Persians and we thought about how old Charlie was – just one year, and so putting all other thoughts to one side we told our vet to do everything possible to save him.

Here you can see Charlie on his nebulizer and curled up behind his best friend Bertie.

He’s such a sweetie and never complains about, what must seem to him very frightening treatment.  He loves Bertie and curls up to him for comfort. He’s also very cheeky and has learned to guard the food bowl and grab premier position on Barbara’s bed.

He is slowly recovering but we’re not sure he’s out of the woods just yet, and we know we can’t ever rehome him incase the issues arise again.

We appealed for help and over £600 was donated by kind and generous people – we want to say a  huge thanks to them. We were down to our last couple of hundred pounds and had to think seriously about whether we could continue in our work.

If you could help (and any amount however small really helps) please donate via the donate  button or visit our  just giving page – every single penny is used to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Persians and other pedigree kitties in distress.