would you consider giving a happy healthy older persian a home?

It’s very sad  when a cat who’s been loved since a kitten is no longer wanted. Often this is because a new pet or child enters the home, and the older member of the family who may not be quite so playful and may need a little more TLC is put up for re-homing.

Increasingly we take calls about these situations, and we  offer a safe place knowing the chances of re-homing are much more difficult. We never put a healthy cat to sleep so often they stay with Barbara, or they go to one of our other trustees.

We are a tiny charity and we have limited space and funds so if you could open your heart to a loving cat who’s no longer wanted through no fault of it’s own, and has years of love and affection left to give, please call Barbara for a chat.

Every cat we re-home is fully vet checked – so any older cat will have a clean bill of health before they leave us.