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Cookie (now Lucky} owes his life to the skill and care of Rachel our special Vet and the grant from our friends at Support Adoption for Pets

Cookie came to us after the owner of the Cattery he had been left at realised nobody  was coming back for him. Cookie arrived needing to be neutered, de- matted, micro chipped, vaccinated  and given a dental, which is fairly standard when our rescued Persians arrive at the Rescue. However his breathing problem wasn’t standard and poor Cookie needed a complicated, potentially dangerous operation to enable him to breath. We knew without the surgery Cookie could not survive and so the grant we were recently awarded by Support Adoption for Pets gave us the life saving funds to pay for his treatment.

Our fantastic Vet Rachel spent five hours performing this delicate and vital surgery, and due to her skill and the dedicated aftercare of her team he has made a full recovery. 

Here you can see Rachel and Cookie as she tells us his operation has been a complete success. 

With his clean bill of health Cookie then needed a new forever home and we are so delighted that a lovely couple have adopted him. Not only does he have a new Mamma and Pappa {as his new family are from Italy) he has a new name – Lucky, which suits him perfectly. If Lucky could talk he would say that from a life without a home spent in pain he has gone to living the ‘dolce vita‘ in his fabulous new home and just to prove it here he is in the  photo resting on Mums arm.  ~Thank you to everyone who helped us give Lucky his special happy ending and fresh start.



Lovely Flea – a Purrfect Lady

Precious and Perfect Little Flea


Well, not completely perfect (the teeniest bit bossy) but almost perfect, truly precious and ridiculously cute.


She has no idea that she is nine years old as she plays like a kitten. If she hears me walking up the stairs, she rushes up after me and sits beside her favourite ribbon with a ‘Please play with me’ look on her little face. I’m fairly sure that if I advertised a job as a Ribbon Player for Little Flea, she would be able to keep the candidate usefully employed for many hours every day.


Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt this adorable, pint-sized little character.  I do hope that you are able to continue your Persian rescue work with this very special breed for many years to come. 


Love Susan and Flea

Special cats with special needs – Carly and Henry

We have some very special Persians and people who find each other through the Rescue and wanted to share Carly and Henry’s story. Carly is a beautiful tortie exotic  girl who was cruelly shot by someone with an air rifle. She lost her eye, but not her zest for life and love for her new owner.  Once Carly recovered from  the initial pain and shock and adjusted to life with partial sight she became an adorable and loving companion . Little Henry had broken his leg as a tiny kitten and unfortunately it had set wrong and he had to have it amputated. Carly’s owner was so touched by Henry’s story that she immediately offered to give him a forever home with Carly.  

We hope this lovely happy ending encourages potential adopters to seriously consider a disabled cat. They deserve and give love despite their challenges and mum Jill cannot wait for her next special needs baby to join the gang.

Now fit and well and all grown up, just look at these two beautiful friends now!!


Chief Fund Raiser Bertie

Bertie is very special. He and his sister were the last kittens of a reputable breeder. His sister stayed with her, and Bertie was given to Barbara so he would get the very best care and live a long and happy life.  

He is now our poster boy , with a wardrobe a WAG would envy and a growing fan club. You can see him regularly at Pets at Home Old Kent Road, often wearing his latest outfit.

When he is not modelling the latest trends Bertie likes to chill out at home  and he is a great ‘uncle’ to our rescued Persians, helping them to settle in and feel at home.