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Alice and kittens have a fresh start in life – thank you Support adoption for Pets!!



Alice and babies safe at the Rescue

We have been busy at the rescue and without Support Adoption for Pets we would have found it impossible to help some of our most heart breaking and deserving cases.

Take Alice,  who came to us when we were told a Persian who was blind was in danger from its owner –  we won’t go into the awful detail but Barbara had to carefully manage a very difficult situation until eventually Alice arrived safely into our care. This beautiful girl who was about 18 months old had been sadly neglected and when she came we realised that she is deaf (not blind) is an Angora (not a Persian) and that she was pregnant.

Filthy and matted and covered with fleas we had to remove all of her coat as we could not risk a flea treatment harming her kittens, then we could see how thin she was and the hard work and TLC began to get her to a reasonable state of health to give birth. Barbara worked tirelessly with her to build her trust, and slowly her very sweet and cheeky personality began to emerge. Whilst she couldn’t hear she responded to the drumming of fingers on the floor or surface and of course the opening of the cat food!

One morning Barbara woke up to find that there were three new babies in the world – two little boys and a girl. Alice was an excellent mum and all seemed to be well when disaster struck. Alice stopped eating and became terribly ill – our vet suspected pre-eclampsia which affects cats that have been malnourished before giving birth –it was touch and go but fortunately Alice pulled through. The kittens had to be hand fed whilst she was in recovery but once back she picked up where she had left off giving Barbara an opportunity to get some sleep! Then we had to find that very special person to make sure that Alice’s next home was a forever one. 

Luckily we found two super homes for Alice and the kittens but before Alice could go she needed to be spayed. Spaying is a routine operation but sometimes things can go wrong, and from being well when she came back from her operation Alice became critically ill in the night.

 It was touch and go whether she would survive as things became so serious that one of our Trustees’ had to rush his Persian to our vet so that Alice could have a blood transfusion if necessary. Rachel  our wonderful vet used all her skills and love to do everything she could to save her, and whilst her chances were slim,  brave, tough little Alice pulled through against all the odds to be reunited with her kittens.

 The family now have lovely forever homes: Alice with one of her kittens (naughty OBI who steals from the oven and table!!)  And the other two babies homed together.

Alice’s specialist treatment meant our small reserves were virtually used up. We are so grateful to our friends at Support Adoption for Pets and Pets at Home Old Kent Road who do so much to help us. We rely wholly on donations and volunteers and if Alice and her kittens could talk they would say

 ‘’thank you everyone who supports London Persian Rescue, without the help we would not have survived’’

Love from everyone at LPR

Game of Homes!! A wonderful happy ending for Amber and Daisy,

We never change a cats name  – we think its best the new owners do that,  so it was lovely to hear that two little girls not only found a fantastic home they had a name change too, that suited their personalities  – here is what their new Mum told us 

Hello Barbara

You knew my 2 cats as Khaleesi and Sansa – I changed their names as they were too difficult and I wasn’t very keen on names from Game of Thrones!!

A little update – both are doing really well and enjoying the outdoor life a lot despite my farmer neighbours thinking them the most unlikely  cats for the country!  Amber (the tri-colour) is still quite timid but loves exploring the garden and Daisy is a more independent but nonetheless loves having a brush.  Many thanks for getting us together with Amber and Daisy.