In loving memory of Theodore – always loved and sadly missed

This beautiful tribute came in from┬áSteven one of our lovely adopters. We wanted to publish it completely as we believe it sums up how all of us feel when a beloved Persian goes to the Bridge – all our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

” I’m writing to thank you for bringing Theodore into my life 9 years ago. You may or may not remember me – I visited you a couple of times, the first time 9 years ago, when I got Theodore from you as a small kitten and again around 3 years ago, when I almost got a small tortie girl, who turned out to have a heart problem that Theodore had already been diagnosed with and to which I had lost my 3 year old Sphynx to around 4 years ago. Theodore has been doing really well on his medication for years and all of his checks went ok, including the last one in January this year. However, his health suddenly deteriorated a couple of weeks ago, he collapsed and I rushed him to my vet, who found fluid in his lungs, managed to drain it and Theo made a full recovery, although they warned me the prognosis was not good, giving him between 3 – 6 months. He picked up at the weekend, becoming his usual self to my utter delight, but then collapsed again on Monday and got a saddle paralysis, which was heartbreaking for me because my Sphynx died in such pain and suffered for hours by the time I found him. Theo was luckier and was in no pain, plus I was at home at the time so I rushed him to my vet and was able to see him off painlessly, which was what I was hoping for. Theo was so important to me, because I got him when my long term partner died of a heart attack and he was the most gentle, beautiful and loving cat one can imagine. He loved being groomed and we were so close that I’m absolutely devastated by the fact I lost him. My other Exotic, Leo is looking for him, which breaks my heart. As a tribute to Theo, my current partner donated to your charity but I also wanted to share with you my story and thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Theo into my life. During the short time that he was with me I hope that he was the happiest he could be and I made sure that he had the best treatment available until the very end. There can never be another Theodore – he was a very special kitty, adored by everybody who met him. I don’t think I will ever forget his ways and how much happiness he brought me. I enclose some of his photos, the first one showing him as a kitten I collected from you 9 years ago and others, as an adult”

theo and friendtheo theo sleepingSleep safe Theodore, we miss you xxxxx