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The power of love and perseverance


Hi Barbara, this is an update on Bob who we rehomed from you just before Christmas 2014. You might remember that my daughter wanted to return him fearing he would not settle, but it was love at first sight for me and I couldn’t let him go.   He was obviously severely traumatised by his move but gradually and after about six months was fine. He is the most beautiful, loveable cat I have ever had, he makes me smile just to look at him. His friend is a female rescue ragdoll, the same age,7, and they are very close. He still tries to steal dinner from your plate

Thank you for all you are doing and I wanted to tell you this success story because it is important that potential rehomers persevere with a new cat as the poor things can be very scared by the upheaval in their lives.

Bella finds new happiness

We are a Persian rescue but we help other pedigree cats too. Bella is a Russian Blue and both she and her brother had been badly abused. We needed a very special home for Bella where she could learn to love and trust people again. Enter Tina and Gavin to the rescue. One year on we received this lovely update from Gavin.

“Back in 2014, and with Lorraine and Barbara’s help, my Mum gave poor Bella a much-needed home.  As the photo suggests, she is now completely settled and very much in charge of her new home.  Having had such a traumatic start in life (she was seriously mistreated), Bella can still be a little shy and nervous around strangers (and me!), but she has completely opened up with my Mum and won’t leave her side.  She’s also never wanted to go out and is more than happy in her little safe-haven, being fed and watered when ever she likes and in-between very long naps by, or literally on, the radiator.  She looks like a completely different cat now, too.  She has put on a bit of weight and her fur is much darker and shinier.  She has become rather fussy over time, however, and my Mum’s cupboard is chock-full of different foods as she tries to work out which one Bella decides she might like each morning – so a typical cat!  This is a match made in heaven and both Bella and my Mum are very happy together.  Thank you so much to Lorraine, Barbara and the charity for helping my Mum and Bella out in such an amazing way.  I think Bella’s adventurous commute down from London to leafy Sevenoaks on the train, with Lorraine as her guardian and protector, is a now a distant memory.”


Simat – from despair in Egypt to happiness here in the UK

We always try to help other rescues, and when we were contacted by the lovely lady who runs a rescue in Egypt we were pleased to do what we could. All the destabilization that affects people affects pets too and beautiful  Simat needed a new home and a fresh start.

One year on this is what Simat’s new owner told us:
I thought you might like an update on Simat, who you rehomed to me over a
year ago now – I can’t believe it’s so long already! She is the loveliest
cat, and as her fur grew again, I could see her gorgeous mixture of colours
– as you can see in the photos. She is a real character, very affectionate
and playful, but also quite demanding (what Persian cat isn’t?!), and of
course always gets her own way. She’s kept very well and seems very happy.

I just wanted to drop you a note and a photo, and to say thank you again for
all your help last year. I hope you are well and finding homes for some more
lovely Persians!

simat chess