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Peggy – a lovely story to set us up for the New Year

exotic 4 exotic 2

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Hello Barbara and Happy New year!

Nick and I would like to thank you loads for finding us in February 2015 our little Exotic Shorthair that we named Peggy.

At first quite shy and independent (as seen in fourth picture), her curiosity  and need to cuddle got the best of her and after a few months she truly shined in our home.

She’s a big baby! She’s still very small but loves her food and fluffed up quite nicely.

She’s always on our laps and sleeps with us. She even waits at the door for us in our of our shoes of course!

Peggy is quite a drama queen too and even though she has this grumpy look we know she is smiling! Loves to cry to get plenty of attention and sings the “mmmhhello nom nom nom” when drinking her water.

My husband who agreed at first to have a cat to make me happy now says he would only have exotics now as they are so gentle, funny and never snaps. Indeed Peggy never was angry nor aggressive. She proved to my husband that cats can be as loyal, interactive and affectionate as dogs!

I attached a few pictures of her now.

Hope you enjoy,

Stefanie and Nick