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Storm finds a sunny new future

Storm really landed on her paws. Being a girl that loves her food and knowing Mum can be coerced into the odd treat or two, a few extra inches had crept onto this gorgeous girl. Unfortunately  when the Vet weighed Storm Mum had to put her on a stricter regime diet wise, something Storm certainly didn’t approve of!! Other than treat reduction everything in Storms world is just as sunny and bright as can be.


what a difference a year makes! Daisy and Simba the perfect match

Simba had been so distressed by children in his previous home, that he had tried to jump out of a bedroom window. It was then that his family did the right thing and brought him to us for rehoming. Poor Simba had two false hopes before he finally landed on his paws, which just goes to show that often disappointment happens for a reason. Little Daisy was very appealing, but we had to be very careful she went to the right forever family as she had experienced a lot of upheaval in her short life.Enter the wonderful Stephen and Fi who fell in love with Daisy and then opened their hearts to Simba too. They sent us this update.

“Thought you might like an update on the progress of Daisy and Simba,  since it has been almost a year since we adopted them from you, as you can see from the attached photos they are both doing well.

Daisy is still a little cutie, who loves her creature comforts,  but sice the better weather has arrived has now taken to spend ages out in ghe garden curled up in the sun, or chasing butterflies and insects.

As you can see rrom the picture Simba is a real lounge lizard, he likes nothing better than to sprawl out on the floor or in the middle of the bed, also loves to go wandering around the estate visiting most of our neighbours gardens just to chevk his patch”

Keep up the good work xxx

daisy and simbasimba and daisy2