Freddy the Purrfect Laptop Companion

As it comes up to 5 years next month that I adopted Freddy from you I thought it was time for an update. I’ve always had a cat companion all my adult life and each cat has been special but this one is just wonderful. You may remember my frantic calls to you when he was on his third then fourth then fifth day of hiding under my bed and not eating. You counselled patience – quite right. He still hides from anyone he doesn’t know, especially tall men with loud voices but he is thriving. My quiet flat and single life suits him just fine – so tempting to get another cat but I know this would be wrong for him. He is absolutely a creature of habit – has his serious sleep in the afternoon on my bed, wakes up for early evening play, knows lots of words, including ‘brush’ which gets him running to me and also ‘bed time’ when he runs ahead of me to sit on the bed when his main aim is to lie on my neck and pat my face. When, as now, I am at the computer, he is usually inches away. Who could ever say that cats are not affectionate? This one definitely is. It’s mutual adoration, and being a classic brown tabby exotic there is no grooming!!