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Santa – a story to warm your heart, a hat to make you smile

santasanta hat

 “Santa was collected from the lovely Barbara in October 2013. He came from a home of four other Persian cats, sadly his elderly owner passed away and the family had to give them all up. First we were unsure about rescuing a Persian, although we have owned moggies these Persian divas are something else!

Santa has such a character everyone who meets Santa never forgets him, he is adorable, fluffy and affectionate, he kisses mummy while she sleeps and pats daddy and his human sister for attention, he wants to be around us all the time and waits for us beside our bed (or on top of mummy or daddy) if we are asleep, or working (see pic). We cannot imagine life without him; he honestly has bought so much love to our little family (something which i think other persian owners can relate to).

Daddy has said if mummy had a choice she would own a gazillion other Santa’s and do nothing but groom Persian kitties all day!



A special acknowledgment for a special girl – Snowball

We had a lovely message from Snowballs new Mum and Dad, and were so touched we awarded Snowball a special trophy for overcoming so many obstacles and still being able to give unconditional love.

This little girl is deaf, so not only did she lose her home, she was at a disadvantage finding a new one. Thank you so much to the lovely couple who opened their heart to her- she has repaid them with her love every day.

Please do consider a disabled  cat, deafness and indeed blindness or a lost limb does not prevent a Persian from having a happy life and being a wonderful companion, as our very own Snowball and Ambrose go to show.

snowball tropyysnowball  trophy 2


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Mollie and Ramkin – another happy ending for LPR


Dear Barbara, I wanted to wish you and your helpers a  Merry Xmas and happy New year 2015 from a very grateful couple who adopted Mollie on the 10/10/10 and Ramkin 04/10/13. We cannot thank you  enough  for the work you are doing in rescuing and rehoming Persians exotics and I know a lot more homeless kitties

We are so grateful to you   for making it possible  for us to have Mollie and Ramkin in our life

Mollie is our little tortie, Ramkin is our gorgeous moon face white teddy bear


An update from Family Teddie ‘snowcloud”

Hello Barbara,

We would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and share with you some photos of Teddie Snowcloud. We adopted him from you just over 3 years ago (November 2011). Malcolm collected him one cold Winters Day from you and remembers that you helped him to put Teddie in a little white cardigan to keep him warm during the journey to his new home with us

Teddie has settled down very well in his country lifestyle(We moved from Kent to the New Forest Hampshire in March 2013).—–We love him very much—- he has an amazing character- Teddie is very affectionate and really enjoys being groomed –He recognises his comb and runs ahead of me outside  where he stands patiently whilst I comb his beautiful coat ,often rolling over to have his tummy groomed and tickled as well! Teddie loves having a daily massage and comes running when he sees us washing up in the morning, sitting behind us until we have time to give him his full body stroke- he even turns himself around to get maximum exposure!!

Teddie adores treats! We offered him some Dreamies a few weeks ago and Teddie was immediately begging! Using his paws to bat the treat from our hand.-see photo-.Teddie  comes running when he hears the crackle of the treat packet –our son  is now a firm favourite with Teddie -he will climb on Joseph’s knee  or follow him to get a tasting!

Teddie Snowcloud  will sleep anywhere BUT his warm cosy basket-he especially likes a space under the Christmas tree at the moment, adores the sofa and has even slept in the laundry basket! –see photo.

Well  thats a little update on Teddie

With love and best wishes xxxx


teddie snowcloud 1teddie snowcloud 2