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A very happy ending for Marley

London Persian Rescue is all about new beginnings and happy endings. We really like to stay in touch with our adopters and here is a lovely story from ‘Marley’s Mum’. The pictures are lovely just proving that cats with FIV can make purrfect solo pets. We think Marley is a little ray of sunshine and his pictures really made us smile!!

‘I first had the pleasure of meeting you when I came to collect Marley who was only 10 weeks at the time. He had 1 sister and 3 brothers, and it was love at first sight and Marley chose me.

Marley has been a very sick little cat from the begining and two years ago diagnosed with FHV 1. He is a brave and plucky little chap and has remained happy and mischievous.

Marley is very intelligent and tries to copy human behaviour. The bird cage is a replacement as he learnt to open the original one, setting the budgies free. He went on to discover the couldn’t open this one so he pushed the whole cage of the sideboard instead which had the same effect.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of years.

Love and kind regards to you, I will never forget your kindness”

Marley’s Mum Dawn
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My little Florentine. Madam Lu Lu.

lucy lu jewleslucy lu fireplaceLucy Lu chess

I received the call from Lorraine whilst away in Florence, when I listened to the voicemail I knew instantly that she was the cat for me. Excited and anxious I came straight from City Airport to collect her from Barbara and there she was the little angel perched on the cat tree looking wide eyed and mischievous. The minute I held her it was love at first sight. Lucy Lu was coming to Essex. When she arrived to her new home, she had a look around, she was scared and hid under the sofa for an hour or so but quickly settled in within a few hours she was on our laps, grooming and made herself at home on the chair next to the Harrods brochure, which I later found her looking through. I think she knew instantly she was the new Queen of the apartment there was no competition here, and it would be just her and mummy and she would get all the fussing a girl could want. Since that first day she has grown more and more settled, I am now officially her servant. She owns the apartment, every room is hers! She is adorably beautiful and has the nicest nature in the world, always wanting fuss and attention; no fuss is too much for my little Florentine.  She loves visitors and is always the most welcoming of hosts. Life in her Essex Pad is certainly the bee’s knees and Lucy Lu is certainly the cat that got the cream. Thank you so much London Persian Rescue for bringing this little Angel to us! Xxx