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Good night little Gemini ”Gemmie” sleep safe and rest in peace


Gemini was 15 years old when her Mum passed away. They had been together since Gemini was a kitten and Mums family wanted to make sure Gemini was safe and secure for the remainder of her days. They could not take her themselves due to an allergy,  which of course was upsetting, but having spoken at length to Barbara it was decided that Gemini would become a ‘permanent pensioner’  at London Persian Rescue. At 15 it would not have been possible to re-home Gemmie but she soon became part of the ‘Tooley Street gang’. Gemini loved her food, having a nice warm bath and cuddling up to Barbara, she was a very special old lady, and we all loved her very much.

Sadly old age caught up  with Gemini last week and Barbara was with her as she curled up for her last sleep. We like to think Gemmie is reunited with her Mum  who has been waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace little Gemini,we miss you and were glad you were part of our lives

Barbara and all at London Persian Rescue xxxx

Gemini safe and soundgemini 1


From Che to Chesney

My name is Chesney but it wasn’t always  that – oh no, it was ‘Che’ to begin with. I started life in Portugal . I came to live in England when I was 5 years old – and managed to adapt to the climate very well. However my Mums new partner did not adapt to me so after many tears it was decided I had to be re-homed, and I went to Aunty Barbara and had an operation to make me calmer (we wont discuss the intimate details of that). So when I had my operation I found myself on the way to a foster home – quite good it was there with my own room at first until I learnt to open the door so  I soon settled in and my foster Mum loved me to bits. There were two little tortie diva’s (you know the sort) living in my new place but I soon showed them who was the man of the house (slept in their basket and took over ‘the lap’ at every opportunity) but I was soon to go to my final forever home. Mum wrote to Aunty Barbara on my behalf as you can see I am doing very well and am very happy.

Here you can see a picture of me when I left my foster home and then one of me helping with string in my forever home.

furla 118chesney

Mum says

‘I thought I would send you an email to let you know Chesney is doing well, we have taken him ou

t in a car a few times on a lead but he is very vocal about it! Having said that when he is in his bag he wants to get out. It seems to be just when we are moving that it is the problem. Chesney now has lots of admirers here too

I took a photo yesterday & thought you might like to see it, we are going to a big international camp & have been put in the Viking sub camp . At some point we need to keep the girls entertained for an hour or two & after some research I hit on Viking card weaving, it turned out it needed a lot of preparation which both Clive & I were doing when Chesney decided to join us & he was very interested.

I promiseyou we did not set the picture up it was all Chesney’s doing I just clicked the camera.Hope you like it”




Baby Harold – what a difference a year makes…….

My name is Harold and I am a very lucky boy. I was only a kitten when I came to Aunty Barbara, some nasty things had happened to me and I found myself thrown out with the rubbish. There I was all alone in a great big metal thing that was all smelly and horrible – I cried and cried so loudly and then a lady saw me – she went and got some workmen with a big ladder and the next thing I knew I was in a ‘VETS’. The nurses there loved me and fed me and cuddled me and then they called Aunty Barbara. I went to Aunty Barbara for a few days and then my new Mummy came to fetch me. I am so happy now and grateful to all the people who found me, and kept me safe until I arrived in my forever home.

Now here I am all grown up – well nearly! I am a  leaping sensation and an intrepid climber  – no rubber ball out jumps me!! My mum loves me to bits and I love her back, hope you like my new photo’s. Harold xxxxxxxxxxxx

harold 1Harold 2Harold 3


Fred and Coco

Hi everyone we are Coco and Fred

Mummy picked us up from the lovely auntie Barbara  at two different times. Our new home Mummy picked me up first then about 5 months later my big brother Fred (that’s his picture you can see)  came to stay with us. We were a bit scared when we first arrived but now we are happy and settled.  I’m kinda cheeky with chasing Fred around but he soon put me in my place hehe and we are best of friends now, I would just like to say thank you to auntie Barbra for looking after us till mummy came for us, oh and before I forget we have moved house now and as you can see I was helping mummy with the packing, we live by the sea side now in not so sunny Clacton but it’s purrrrrfect for us. 

luv Coco and Fred xxx

fred and oscarcoco clacton