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Chester the ‘King of Crisp Packets’ !

chester on his ownChester – rescued June 2013


My name is Chester.  I wasn’t with ‘Aunty Barbara’ for long, just a couple of days before I met my new Mummy and Daddy.  It was all a bit frightening being uprooted twice within just a few days, but now I am very happy as I have found my new permanent home with my new family.  Daddy came up to collect me from London Bridge.  He bought with him a cat carrier basket and in there I was placed.  We had an ever so long journey home, sadly Southern Trains had problems that evening in June 2013 and it took almost 2 hours to get to my new home.  Once there I met my new brother and sister, Champers and Callie.  Champers is a red boy Persian like me (I am much nice looking though and not as scruffy!) and Callie is a cream girl persian (Mum get’s cross with me as I don’t like girls and chase her sometimes).  When Mummy and Daddy opened my new cat basket, my silly older brother Champers didn’t take any notice, as he’s old now he probably can’t see and thought I was Callie the other cat….. it was only when he smelt a new smell (me) that he realised I was new.  He came running up to me eventually to sniff me and I growled at him and he left me alone.  Then Callie came in and looked thoroughly confused at the sight of both me and Champers together, you can see from the picture in of us both in the garden how alike we look.  I like my new house as there is a garden and I get to go outside and explore, it’s great!  I like to sit on the grass in the sun.  There is another picture of me looking very handsome on my own.  I do like my human’s food, it really doesn’t matter what it is, and this is a picture of me with my head stuck in a crisp packet…..mummy was laughing because I couldn’t get it off and was turning in circles to get rid of it!!!  I only beg for food because my first mummy was away on business a lot and the person coming to feed me used to forget so I would get very hungry.  I’m never hungry here, I get lots of treats (dreamies and nice yummy meat sticks are my favourites).  The last picture is of me (nearest the door, and the most handsome one!) and my brother and sister and dinner time.

chester rescue 3crisp packet

Furla and Lululu – Persian Best Friends

My name is Furla and my Persian best friend is Tallulah or (Lululu for short) We both came from Aunty Barbara.

applause letterphoto[1]

 I was a tiny kitten and it is all very hazy and scary when I think back to the time before I came to live here. I was tiny and had to have all my coat taken off which made me look like I was wearing Ugg boots – not a strong look for a cappuccino princess and sooooo last year! Lululu was left outside a vets in Croydon – she was really scared but the ladies there took her in and then sent her to London Persian Rescue (that’s a special place for us special Persians). Then one night she arrived here with my Mum. We love each other and we love to scratch things. I like to scratch the chairs and Lululu likes the carpet – Mummy gets cross but then we purr and she forgives us – even when I made holes in the curtains (trying to catch bumble bees) 

We hope you like our pictures because we are very special and beautiful and happy. Love to you all Furla and Lululu


Welcome to London Persian Rescue – Rescuing and Re-homing Persians for 20 years

We are a small personal, specialist pedigree  rescue who rehome Persians and occasionally  associated breeds throughout the UK. We rarely if ever have kittens. We are a registered charity who rely on donations and fund raising to support our work. We have no paid staff, so every penny  is spent on our Persians.  Our cats are health checked, vaccinated, de-matted and chipped prior to re-homing. We offer support and advice on an on going basis, and many of our adopters keep in touch. Visit our available cats page to see who needs a home,  and read our rescue stories to share our happy endings. you can read more about us on the ‘about us’ part of the site.


Kind words from Sky TV Presenter Stephen Dixon

Stephen_Dixon (2)

”I have had cats all my life. They aren’t our pets, but members of our family. It is devastating to think how many need our help through neglect and mistreatment.I am proud to support London Persian Rescue, and the work they do to help our beautiful friends find loving homes”