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Billy Cat


Hello there, I am Billy-Cat and I am a rather beautiful British Short-hair – as you can see from my picture with the resident ‘Boss’ and reclining on my throne, I am prince of pusscats. I have rather fallen on my paws (so to speak) and now feel ready to share my good fortune, so here is my story,

My previous owner became too ill to look after me so asked the London Persian Rescue to take me in and re-home me. Luckily the wonderful and lovely ladies at the LPR knew of a home that were looking for a lovely boy after the loss of their previous Tom-cat, so called my new parents to ask if they were interested in homing me.

I have now been in my new home for nearly 4 weeks and have made friends with Miss Edwina Jane (the 16 year old furry Miss who rules the roost), and a 9 year old black-labrador who is kept in-check by Miss Jane, the tortoises, the chickens and the fish.

It took me two weeks to really come out of myself. For these first two weeks I lived under my new Mummy and Daddy’s bed. One day, suddenly I felt able to come out and explore. Since then I have helped Miss Jane rule the roost, have secured my day-bed on the blue-chair in the kitchen (see picture), and ensured that the Big Black Labrador knows that I am boss….or second in command as Miss Jane will always be boss! I now roll on my back for a tummy-tickle, I demand 4 meals a day, I ask to go out, I demand cuddles, I sleep on Mummy’s bed and I claw at the door to come in/go out.

I am especially good at helping Daddy read the paper on Sundays and I love my new little boy who I live with. He has a fish in his bedroom and I love stalking it. My new family are so happy to have me and are looking forward to a very happy and long life together.

I love the LPR and I love my new home.

PS. There is no such thing as too many toys.

PPS Purring is good for the soul.

PPPS Any food is good food and beats no food.

For the love of Ambrose Tumbletoes

London Persian Rescue’s little miracle, a little Persian that touched so many hearts.
We took Ambrose along to our vet for a check over prior to rehoming him. We had not anticipated any problems with him, and were devastated to learn that that he had a serious eye condition requiring a very expensive operation: We will be posting an article on his condition very soon – written by his surgeon Dr Goran. As a small charity that has very little money in reserves – we rely heavily on re-homing fees and donations from Trustees and other regular supporters and exist on a shoestring budget – that is why we posted our appeal and we are so grateful to everyone who donated – however we were still short of the money needed to help Ambrose.



The Celia Hammond Trust to the Rescue

This charity kindly offered Ambrose his operation at a price we could afford – a wonderful gesture that we are so grateful for.


Ambrose goes to hospital

Ambrose went into surgery– our fingers were crossed. Everything looked positive at first but on returning for his check-up we were told that sadly the operation failed to work the first time and he had to go back for more surgery.


Touch and Go – things are not looking good

Things went from bad to worse and Barbara was told that Ambrose would need to lose both his eyes – devastating news. He was already completely blind in one eye and the other was going the same way, the eyes were infected and he was in pain – we either removed his eyes and gave him a chance or sent him gently to his last sleep.


Goran the wonderful vet at Celia Hammond assured us that if Ambrose pulled through he could have a good quality of life – Goran was confident that it was worth trying and we put our trust in him to give Ambrose the chance to live a full and happy life. Ambrose went into surgery again to have his eyes removed. Slowly he started to recover, healing for two weeks in hospital. Goran often sat with him at night and we believe that Goran’s special care gave Ambrose that extra will to stay with us.


Ambrose makes it against all thambrose-in-flower-pote odds

Ambrose returned to Barbara at the rescue and whilst she nursed him, Bertie, Barbara’s Persian kitten became his guide – looking after him and giving him comfort. On April 3rd Goran gave Ambrose a clean bill of health and his is now ready to go to his new Mum – who will update us on his future progress.

Ambrose  a testament to the power of love and hope. Just look at him now!!

If he could talk we think he would say

’’Thank you to all the lovely kind people who helped pay for my operation. To everyone at Celia Hammond Trust especially my vet Goran, who stopped my pain, and made me well.

To Aunty Barbara who nursed me when I came out of hospital, and to Bertie who has been my pussy cat guide and cuddled up to me to give me comfort

To all of you that believed I was worth saving, giving me my second chance, my happy ending and new beginning’’

God Bless

Love from Ambrose


Bom-BomI’ll keep it short and sweet – but thank you for rescuing Bom-Bom in her hour of need and giving us the most wonderful little cat we could have wished for.

I highly recommend Persian cats as pets and feel very blessed to have her. I was introduced to you by lovely Lorraine Stack (Furla and Lulu’s mum).
Without Lorraine booking an event with me at work, I would never have known about the wonderful world of Persians, exotics and all the great work you do to help needy ‘posh’ cats!

Thanks again Barb!
Debbie, Javid & Bom-Bom xx