Looking after your Persian

Grooming your Persian
Daily Eye Care
Bathing Your Persian
Health Checks and advice from your Vet

Grooming your Persian

angel2Hopefully your cat will enjoy being groomed – a special bonding time for you both. However some Persians hate it so may need to be groomed little and often. If your cat really resists it is better to have  their coats clipped to make sure that coat care does not become problematic. Please don’t give up on the grooming – talk to us or a professional groomer or your vet, if you are having problems there is always a solution to keeping even the most grooming resistant Persians coat in healthy clean condition

Not grooming is NOT an option with Persians!

Hairdressing Tools required 

  •  Persian cat (preferably compliant)
  • Patience and a steady hand
  • 7.5 inch Wide Tooth Comb
  • A very fine tooth  comb
  • A round tipped ended brush
  • A very fine tooth comb which you can use on the face and feet
  • Powder (optional)
  • Cotton Wool/Eye cleaning wipes

Simple steps to effective grooming

  1. Comb through the coat
  2. When dealing with matts it is best to try and tease them apart inside out into little knots
  3. Break them up using the wide tooth comb.
  4. Be careful and gentle as the skin is extra tender under the matts.
  5. NEVER use sharp tools like scissors or knives to try and remove matts, these can cause serious injury if your cat resists the grooming and your hand slips.
  6. The skin under matts is often very sensitive and can be sore – so even the most laid back puss with object to you (unintentionally) hurting them
  7.  if matting is really bad please see  your vet or a professional groomer who can deal with the matting in a safe,  painless,  gentle way
  8.  If your cat gets lots of matts (and some just get more than others) it might be worth considering a ‘poodle’ cut from time to time to help you manage your Persians coat more easily.

If your cat needs a complete shave we recommend using a professional groomer, as they are highly experienced and your cat will tend to be on her best behaviour!.

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Daily Eye Care

It is very important to clean your Persians eyes and the creases in the face every day.  Debris can and will build up causing nasty infections and smells.

  1. Gently wipe your Persians eyes with a pet wipe (for eyes/nose and tush) or use a cotton wool pad with warm water
  2. Staining is often caused by the caramel flavouring/ colouring in many dry foods – even the very best brands – so this needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep your Persian clean and beautiful, fragrant and healthy, it also prevents staining on your soft furnishings.


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Bathing Your Persian

BellaBathing is obviously not part of the daily grooming routine but is a good thing to do every six months or when you think it may be needed. You can take your cat to a professional groomer but if you choose to bath your Persian yourself the best way to do it is as follows.

  1. Make sure you groom your cat before bathing
  2. Remove all matts and knots prior to getting puss wet
  3.  Bathing can make matts worse – it will not miraculously remove them – only the comb will do that.

Shampoo choice a common mistake is to choose the wrong shampoo. Choose a shampoo just as you would for your own hair that is specially formulated to match your Persian cats fur. A white Persian needs to have a white or brightening shampoo and a red or tabby needs something to bring out the lovely golden browns in their coats. There are many good cat shampoos available on line and in pet shops.

Preparing the bath Make sure you prepare all your tools and everything else you need before you start. The easiest place to bath your cat is in a sink – preferably one that the cat can sit comfortably in. Fill the sink with warm water and add your shampoo of choice. Place puss in sink and gently shampoo. Pour water over and just keep going until the water becomes cleaner. Then rinse cat with jug or shower attachment (not on full blast) until all soap is removed from the coat. Make sure all soap is removed from the tummy and underside too.

Drying Gently squeeze excess water from the coat – towel dry gently the face and wrap your puss in a towel before starting to dry with your dryer. Gently dry puss carefully make sure you keep moving the dryer all over her body and  when she is dry comb her coat  through. Now your Persian will be clean and comfortable – and a clean comfy cat is a happy cat.

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Health Checks and advice from your Vet

balthazarFlea and Worm Control

There are excellent flea and worm control products on the market. Your Vet can advise you on your options. All cats should have regular flea treatment as flea eggs can live in carpets and soft furnishings for years as well as on your cat. All cats needed to be given flea treatment – even indoor ones, and it doesn’t hurt to worm them too.

 Manicure and Pedicure (claw care)

Trim the claws and keep them short but be careful not to cut into the quick. If your cat is a wriggler or you are not confident then please ask your vet or groomer to do this for you.


Even if your cat is an indoor cat please keep vaccination boosters up to date. If for any reason your cat needs to go into a boarding cattery or escapes your indoor home up to-date vaccinations mean that she is protected against nasty contagious diseases.

Dental Checks

Persians have a short jaw and flat face. This means they are very prone to dental problems. Please ensure you get your cats teeth checked by your vet at least once per year. Just like you toothache makes cats miserable and causes bad breath and nasty smells.


 Please also make sure your cat is micro chipped. Many Persians escape a secure garden or indoor home and become disorientated and lost.  Often if someone finds your cat they will take it to their local vet or animal rescue organisation. A microchip means that any Vet or Rescue Organisation will be able to tell that your cat belongs to you.  We can micro- chip your cat for you for £15.00 or your vet can do it for you.

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