Lily the 2014 Face of London Persian Rescue

Hello Purrlings!!


Lovely to meet you all! I am Lily and I am over-joyed to be honoured with the award of London Persian Rescue Glamour Puss for 2014. I realise Lady Coco is going to be a very hard act to follow (she’s stunning isn’t she!!) but I’ll do my very best to represent the Rescue, which is a huge responsibility and one I’m more than happy to accept.

So, a little bit about me….

I am five years old, a bi-colour Persian, originally from London, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I found myself at The London Persian Rescue Centre: Rescuing Persian cats and pedigree cats, and finding suitable homes Aunty Babs hotel two years ago…

Aunty Babs was so lovely and quickly found me a purrfect new home so before I could say “TOWIE”, I found myself living with my new Mum in the true home of Glamour, also known as Essex. I settled in quickly, although I found myself living with two other Persians, Garfield, the Exotic Red (who is gorgeous!) and Montague, the Seal Point….Not really what I had in mind but as we’d all come from Aunty Babs, I decided to stay and keep the boys in their rightful place…..a girl has to stay in charge you know and I have the added bonus of nice eye-candy too!! ;0)


So, I think I have adapted to life in Essex pretty well, I have daily grooming sessions, lovely white teeth now, regular trips to Amy Childs Beauty Salon for my manicure, pedicure and Purr-Jazzel, and sometimes grace the Sugar Hut when I fancy a night out….I know Purrlings, aren’t you all Well Jell!!!

Well time for me to take my cat nap to keep me glamourous!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to Twiggy for choosing me as the ultimate winner (I think it was my monochrome glamour, we all know she loved the 60’s!! ) Thanks to Aunty Babs for finding me my forever glamourous home and do remember, all we Persians are Special!!

Take care now, much love and purrs to you all!

Lily Glamour Puss!! xxxxx