If your Persian is lost

We have had three cases recently of indoor Persians going missing. All were found but the stress and upset to the owners was dreadful – let alone the cats themselves. We have written a questions and answers section below  about what to do if your cat goes missing, but we hope you will never need it Should I micro chip and put a collar on my indoor cat? YES! If for any reason your cat escapes and someone finds it, they will usually take it to a vet. A microchip means you and your cat will be reunited. A collar usually has a bell on. When cats go to ground and hide they try to remain silent.This means you cannot hear them. The ‘jingle’ of their bell will tell you where they are. Will my cat know its way home? No – probably not. Cats are territorial and your Persians territory is inside your home. Without familiar scents your cat has no way of knowing where home is and will try to find a safe place. A safe place will be away from other cats and dogs. Will my cat travel? Yes, but not at first. Sometimes cats will ‘lie low’ for a couple of days – they will be very close by but you will find it difficult to find them – they do not want to be found as their survival instinct will kick in and they will want to stay silent and hidden even though you are calling them and they may be able to hear you. When is the best time to look for my cat? At dusk and dawn when cats start to move. They will sleep and hide during the day as they are naturally nocturnal and their natural prey is active at dawn and dusk. Will my cat starve? Possibly but not for at least 5 or 6 days. Thirst is much more serious than hunger and as long as your cat can find water they will survive for a long time. However eventually the need to eat may encourage them to find a human to feed them so make sure you have posters everywhere Should I put posters up straight away? YES. Put as many posters as you can in at least a two mile radius -you would be surprised how far a lost cat can travel Should I do a house to house appeal? Yes. Most people are very kind and will check sheds etc and keep their eyes open Should I call local vets? Yes and call pet log or your micro chipping company. Also check with your insurance because some policies pay for advertising Should I put an advert in the local paper Yes. See Mojo’s story in the newspaper and read about what happened on our rescued stories page mojo remembered Anything else? Don’t give up!! All three of the missing Persians reported missing to us were found. One was seen by a passer by who called the owner from the poster. one was found by a neighbour who saw the poster and had been asked to keep an eye out, the third was found via the advertisement in the local paper.