Glamour Puss 2013

Goodbye from the Golden Girl and Hello to the Pied Princess

Lady Coco as always was magnanimous in handing over her crown – whilst this beauty queen is a difficult act to follow she managed to say a few gracious words………….

 ‘’All good things come to an end…”

Well…here we are…it’s nearly over, what a year it has been…! It has been marvelous, or faaaaaaaaaabulous like they say in Wales…but I tell you, being Glamour Puss is rather tiring! I am looking forward to a sabbatical, doing what I do best, sleeping, eating, and chasing butterflies (and eating them sometimes…) and bossing my humans around.

Everything started when aunty Babs requested a few pictures of mine and said she was sending them to Los Angeles! I thought I was going to Hollywood or something, instead she sent them to Twiggy, who chose me as the face of the London Persian Rescue Center and Glamour Puss of the Year!

My coronation was a memorable event…everybody who was anybody was there. The crown was too heavy though! And it took ages until I could have some of the tuna and sardine canapés. A Glamour Puss shouldn’t be seen eating in public you know, so I had to hide behind a curtain!

It has been an honour to represent the London Persian Rescue Center and all fellow Persians during this year of my reign, I have met lots of people and travelled the world and definitely have enjoyed myself! ‘’