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Black Persian Girl needs loving home as only pet. Can you open your heart for Cepheid?

August 12th, 2017

Cepheid (which is a special kind of star) has come to us under very sad circumstances. If she could talk she would tell you

“I know my lovely family did not want to give me up but they have to as the new house in somewhere called abroad does not allow cats – even special ones like me. This is what my Mum told Barbara. I need to be a one and only girl as I need all the attention you can give me and I will love you back 100%

I like  cuddles, curling up in warm spaces and playing. I  particularly enjoy any string or ribbon to play with. I am very affectionate and love to be gently tickled under my chin and behind my ears. I dislikes loud noises, and eat Royal Canin Persian  biscuits . I am  used to small kind children and All my  vaccinations and dental work are up to date.

I do like to go outside but I have also been happy living in a flat. So with references like that I am sure you will be calling Aunty Barbara today to see if you can take me home – just look at my pictures and please make that call today.