OUR 2019 Calendar IS NOW AVAILABLE. Please support our work by purchasing one of our calendars. At only £10 including post and packing they make a purrfect stocking filler for a cat loving friend!! Featuring ‘Gertie’ the exotic this years ‘Face of London Persian Rescue’ and 11 other gorgeous rescued cats now living full and happy lives. 

to order y0ur copies please email Barbara@london-persian-rescue.co.uk


Welcome to London Persian Rescue

Our website gives you basic information about loving and looking after a Persian cat. Persians are special but they need proper care to thrive. If you do not have time or money to groom them yourself, or go to a professional groomer then perhaps a short haired cat might suit you better.

Persian cats are very cute, but they are still cats and need proper stimulation, company and care. They are generally indoor cats  and are often unwilling or unable to use a cat flap or toilet outside. If you are not happy providing a litter tray indoors perhaps a more independent non pedigree cat would be a better choice.  

We ask for a donation of £200 when you re home one of our rescued Persians or other pedigree cats. This goes some way to covering the costs involved getting our cats healthy and ready to start a new life in their forever home.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY PERSIAN CATS AND ESPECIALLY KITTENS FROM GUMTREE,  PRELOVED OR ONLINE ADVERTS unless it is from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will let you see their kittens in a home environment and will give you paperwork to prove vaccination and good health. They will also vet you – as they are very particular where their babies end up.

We have so many people who come to us with sick cats bought from disreputable sources, please don’t be one of them.